Protect your employees, your customers, your inventory

How do you prevent employee theft?
Who's at your Drive Thru Window?
How do you protect your construction site?
How can I protect my factory workers?
Video surveillance advances have made systems far more cost-effective, flexible, and simple to operate. With remote viewing on a Network Digital Video Recorder, our clients can keep an eye on their offices and personnel through their broadband connection.
Motion sensing, behavioral recognition and other intelligent camera features help identify potential threats. Let our video experts do the work for you. We'll find the right surveillance solution for your specific requirements.

Retail - Car dealerships, Convenience stores, Banks, Department stores

Healthcare - Pharmacies, Hospitals, Elder Care, Clinics

Education - Campuses, classrooms

Government - Courthouses, Offices, Training Facilities

Hotels/Motels - parking lots, lobbies, restaurants, pool and spa areas, and meeting areas

Construction Sites- Project monitoring, Picture archiving, Time lapse movies

Correctional Institutions- Prisons, Jails

We install all major brands including Panasonic, Axis and Sony CCTV cameras